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Trip to PCS Kg.Narandang, Sikuati Kudat

Trip to PCS Kg.Narandang, Sikuati Kudat

by corneliushenry
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Recently I went with the Operation Christmas Child (OCC) team for a Vision Casting and Ministry Partner Training at PCS Church, Kg.Narandang Sikuati Kudat on the 21 to 23rd March 2017. As the Church Mobilization Coordinator, it’s important for me to make this type of trip to do vision casting and ministry partners training in order to prepare our potential ministry partners for the shoebox gifts and being part of of the ministry. I’d never thought that I will be involved in an international ministry like OCC . Do you know that one shoe box gift can make a difference in a child’s life? The shoebox gifts were donated by churches using pre-printed shoebox sized boxes. For this trip, I invited my youth leaders to come along with me for the trip and I praise God that they were free at that time and they agreed to join  me for this trip. From my right, Cacey, Rahel (behind Cacey) and bro Safrin. I also invited Ps David and his wife to join me for this trip but after checking with the OCC team, I decided not to proceed and texted them that they will not join me for this trip but will bring them along in the next trip. One of my main purpose in bringing these youth leaders were to encourage and expose them to ministry outside of our church. It’s going to be like an ‘indirect’ discipleship where they get to see their pastors doing ministry outside of the usual settings. They are also be going to be part of my ministry team in OCC. So, I felt that in order for them to help me in OCC, they first need to know about the vision and mission of Operation Christmas Child. I asked Safrin to drive us to Kudat using my Isuzu Dmax and he did a great job. During the trip, I get to read my presentation materials (slides) and had a good conversation with the 3 of them. We started the journey from Kota Kinabalu at approximately 7.30am and  reached Ps Julika’s family house Kg. Toporoi, Panikuan at about 9.30am. Upon reaching, we had a very quick breakfast and at about 9.45am we zoom off to PCS Kg. Narandang, Sikuati.  We were actually behind schedule for about 1 hour.  Note to self: Next time I need to prepare earlier and start the journey earlier.

PCS Church Kg. Narandang, Sikuati Kudat

When we reached the church, they were already waiting for us inside the church. So we took about 15 to 20 minutes to set up out laptop, our LCD projectors. We started the training by worshiping and praising the Lord with some simple songs led by the team from PCS church.

This is me doing vision casting sharing about Operation Christmas Child.

Me with Sis. Cacey, Sis.Rahel and Bro Safrin during the training.

Some of the pictures taken by the team.

Its really a privilege to be used by God in this way. My session was on the 21st to 22nd march only and I had to go back to Kota Kinabalu at about 10am because I have another ministry meetings waiting for me.

 I was presented by the leadership of PCS Kg.Narandang with a very beautiful traditional beads necklace.


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